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Donate to the Rescue 

Checks or gift cards may be mailed to P.O. Box 855, Sumter, SC 29150

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Donations are also accepted at any SAFE Federal Credit Union location! Just tell the teller you want to help Carolina Helping Paws Rescue!   

We haven't been around long, but we've been around long enough to have huge medical bills already! 


We are a softee for a momma in need and have taken on several momma pups with babies. Some were born already and others were born in our care, but either way, puppies are a big risk and a big expense.  They need constant deworming, constant monitoring and if the momma can't continue to nurse, they need constant feedings of milk replacement formula, puppy peepads and often fall ill and require medical attention. We are in the red and hope you will consider helping us go green again so we can continue our mission and rescue more! 


Basic care guidelines and provisions for every rescued animal includes a health examination by a local veterinarian, administration of vaccinations, heartworm test and treatment if necessary, fecal exam, deworming if necessary, and flea treatment. Medical issues are addressed and the animal is scheduled for spaying or neutering and recovery prior to adoption. All animals are provided with adequate food, clean water, shelter, and comforts including bedding and toys as well as group and solitary exercise provided by volunteer foster caregivers. Foster homes for animals awaiting adoption are carefully screened and adoptive families are screened and upon finalization of an adoption are under contract to prevent the animal from becoming a stray or dropped to a high kill shelter ever in the future. Our adoptions are meant to be to forever homes. 

Every dollar helps. If you totaled up the care provided to each rescue, it easily is more than the charged adoption fee so we rely on donations to continue to rescue! We have many rescues to feed each day and many undergoing medical treatments and get constant pleas from the community to assist even more animals who are abandoned, stray, abused, or on death row in a high kill facility. 

We can only help them with your help. Thank you!


As a 501(c)3 organization, your contributions are tax deductible. (Please consult your tax preparer for specifics). If you contribute $75 or more, we are required to provide you a receipt, so please include your name & address if that is the level of generosity you have planned. 

     Thank you!

Thank you! We seriously can not do this without YOU! 

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