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 Who We Are & How we got started...


Our journey started when we took in a Chocolate Lab named Roxie. We brought her into our home setting and our hearts took over from there. She is our Inspiration and she is still with us today.
We are a volunteer group of animal loving people who are the voice for as many as we can be. We can't look into the eyes of an animal and not see the soul that is there. We can't turn our heads and let it be someone's place to  help. We all must do whatever is necessary. After that being said, we can't do it alone. We need all the volunteers, help, donations and sharing we can get. We are always looking for fosters to step up to save a life. We are just a stepping stone to their forever home. You can help make that happen.

We save animals from high kill shelters, abuse cases, neglect and the poor souls who are dumped or born stray and homeless. We encourage anyone to lend a helping hand in some way. Doing something small is better than not doing anything at all. Volunteers are essential to our foster-based rescue and we are always looking to add more -  see our Volunteer page)!      

  Here's a little about our board members and some of our special volunteers. 

Angel K.

Angel has been active in the rescue scene for many years. She is a busy mom to three active boys and has been a foster-mom to many rescues for many years. She has a deep compassion for animals and a love of all furbabies. She has the most caring and loving heart and It's no surprise to those who know her that she is also a founder of Carolina Helping Paws Rescue and is currently serving as Vice President.  

Janet has been rescuing pups for as long as any of us can remember! She has been in the Sumter, SC area for many years and is a founder of Carolina Helping Paws Rescue. Janet has worked with many local rescues and has a heart 100 times bigger than she is! She is currently serving as President and Director of Carolina Helping Paws Rescue. 

Janet D.
Sandra S.

Sandra is one of our fundraisers. She runs the online auction and sets up the Go Fund Me pages.  She is always trying to find ways for us to get our bills paid! 

She is also newly appointed to secretary.



Janet has been involved in our rescue since the beginning. She does the transporting of the foster animals to the vet if the foster parent is unable. She is also in charge of adding the adoptable pets in the Adopt A Pet page. Janet is a wonderful volunteer that is always willing to help. Pure love for animals.


Janet T.

We can't rescue without your help. We need fosters and funding to continue our mission. Vetting is so expensive and some of our fundraisers are flops and others are very helpful. We appreciate all help and donations.  

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