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Please be patient as we all work full time jobs. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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My name is NOBODY. 15 months at the kennel and you won't even look at me. I love people and other dogs and I'm always up to play with you. Why don't you want me. Am I that ugly.. We named her Stevie. She is a sweet, lovable, energetic girl who lives to play! Stevie is a 4 year old, 55 lb obedience trained boxer mix and BTW, we think she's beautiful!

Woody is a male, black lab mix.  He is up to date on shots and his  heartworm/flea protection.  Woody is all about his belly rubs!  His is very sweet guy.  He loves to paly and get along great with his siblings.


Hey! I'm Lil Snoop. I'm a quiet kind of guy who loves a tender touch. People haven't always been that nice to me so it may take me a minute to get to know a person, but once I do, I'll be your friend for life. I'm hoping to be someone's BFF. I love to go for walks, play and treats are my fav thing ever. There's this guy at the kennel, they call him the trainer, and he gives me treats all the time. He asks me to sit or stay and when I do it, he gets so excited and gives me lots of yummy morsels! Ask for my training videos and you'll see what I mean. Did I forget to mention I also love car rides! I just love sitting there and watching everything move on by. All these great smells blow in the window and come and go so quick, it's awesome!!! Maybe you'd like to take me for a ride in your car? I'm a good guy. I'm neutered, have my vaccinations, I'm heartworm negative and microchipped. Why don't you ask about me. I'd love that


Hi I'm Martini! True to my name I'm fun!!! I'm also smart and oh so loveable! Who wants to snuggle!!! I'm a spunky gal who just LOVES people. I love to get belly rubs and I've been told that I have the cutest wiggle butt ever. I'm on a mission looking for my person. I would be the best buddy ever. We can go on long walks, play in the yard and of course get lots of snuggles in. I'm a strong girl but I'm in obedience training now so I'm learning all my commands. Sit, stay, lay. I getting it all down pat. So I'll be my best for you. I'm spayed, have my vaccinations, am heartworm negative and microchipped. So you see, I'm ready to roll. I just need that special person to come and get me. Please hurry! I can't wait to meet you!


BIG LAP LOVING DOG DREAMS OF HIS FOREVER HOME- Roscoe is so sweet. He's an explorer in the play yard and keeps to whatever he was curious about. Once back inside, he takes treats and is ready to be spoiled. He wants to be a lap dog and climbs into your lap just so he can get close enough to give you kisses! He's just a lover looking for snuggles and hugs. Roscoe needs his furever family that can you make his wish come true.


TEDDY is an amazing Mastiff mix who is a giant cuddle bug that loves stuffed animals and all dogs, cats, small children, horses & donkeys. He loves to romp and play and because of his size - not his personality - would do better with a larger dog to play with. He is crate trained and house trained. Teddy has proven to be amazing with his foster mom's special needs nephew, so that can be a huge plus for the right adopter. He's really a very good boy and all he's asking for is the forever home he deserves to share all his love & kisses with.


Margo has exotic colored eyes and markings. Look how gorgeous! I caught her by surprise with my squeaky toy and camera flash in this photo. She acts more mature than brother Milo. She walks well on a leash. When introduced to our female tester she did good but we can tell she is more of a dominant female. She didn't hesitate to get in our dog's space and thoroughly sniff her all over. Once she was finished checking her out she did fine getting treats and hanging out.


My name is Georgie, when they found me I was in bad shape. I was on the streets for a while and some kids thought it would be fun to use me for target practice. They bribed me with food and I was so hungry. I headed toward them and they shot me in the chest. It hurt so bad and I was weak. They left me there and then others came. When I first saw them I hoped these people weren't going to hurt me too. But they were kind and gentle with me. They took me to a dog doctor and after a while all the pain went away, the doctor took the buckshot out of my chest and I healed really well. Now I'm all healthy and I just love people and they love me back. They say I'm a good boy and have great manners. I love to go for walks and do really good on a leash. I get along great with other dogs but cats are too much fun to chase so I'd do best in a home without felines. If you're looking for a BFF that will stick by your side and love you forever, here I am! Georgie, that's me!

but a Kings Mountain, NC Dog Kennel?!!?!!


If you can help Gidget and Milo, please email fmvitagliano@comcast.net

and type "soulmates" in the subject line.

Transport is available up the east coast as far as Maine for a good home.


Milo is very sweet, submissive and will sometimes piddle out of nervousness when meeting new people. He is very puppy-like and would be happy with a fenced yard to run off a little energy. He walks pretty well on a leash. He is very enthusiastic to meet new people and dogs. He had too much energy for our yard cats to stick around to meet.


Her name is GIDGET. She's a 2 year old Mastiff mix and a beautiful girl. She's a sweet, tender soul who is so very timid. We don't know what happened to her but we know it left a scar on her precious soul. She doesn't trust that the world and people will be good to her but we're hoping she finds a great person that will show her different.
Until then, Milo is helping her come out of her shell and has even gotten her smiling.

Both are great with dogs and good with cats. Both are in obedience training and the trainer will speak to their adopter and share what he has taught them and how to continue training. If you're thinking about getting a dog or two, please consider these angels????


Hey out there! I'm Ed! Just a happy fellow who really doesn't get flustered too easily. I'm looking for a family or person who I can love unconditionally and make laugh every day. I'm a comedian of sorts and never seem to run out of material. I also have some obedience training under my belt. Not to shabby right! Anyone who adopts me will talk to the guy that teaches me all this cool stuff. He ll tell you how he did it so you can continue with my training. I'm neutered, have all my vaccinations, am heart worm negative and microchipped. Basically ready to roll. All I need is a ride to your house. When you comin?


Ronald is a happy go lucky boy that was found as a stray so not quite sure of his exact age. He is up to date on shots and neutered. Ronald is heartworm positive but is currently being treated and the medication to continue his treatment will be provided to the adopter free of charge. He loves getting affection and kisses. He's a good car rider and is content to have his head out the window. He loves his squeaky ball and is content playing with it by himself. He gets along with the senior dog in his foster home. He knows how to use a doggy door and appears to be ok with children. Reaction to cats is unknown.

Ronald recently completed training at Sit Means Sit. Check out his video and pics! His training package included 1 year of group lessons which will transfer to any adopter.

Ronald is patiently waiting for a home and family of his own. Adoption fee applies.  FENCED YARD REQUIRED!


Boots is an affectionate, playful large American bulldog.  He is very friendly and super smart!  He is up to date on his vaccines and is neutered.  Boots is good with other dogs, but no cats please. 


Knox is a happy guy with a great smile. He's an all around great boy. He has a calm and laid back personality with great leash manners. He did well with people, dogs, and cats. He's just waiting for someone to take him home and give him a place to belong. He will be forever grateful??


Hi, my name is CHARLIE! I am four months old, up to date on my shots and a very active, happy, loving puppy. I love cuddles and sleeping in the bed (if I can). But, I am also crate trained. I am mostly potty trained, but I am still working on it. I get along with all dogs, but need a young dog to play with . I enjoy playing with kids, but have not spent time with babies. I am a total love bug and I love being a passenger in the car!


Boo Bear has the classic boxer personality. She is happy and ready to have fun no matter where she goes. She walks well on a leash. She loves everybody and did well when tested with large and small dogs. She has a little too much energy for cats. Her owner just didn't have time for her so he surrendered her to a kill shelter.  Boo Bear is now safe with us and ready to find her forever home!


Jan is a super sweet young lady. She's approx. 5-6 years old and would love to be a part her own family. She's current on shots and will be fully vetted for her age at adoption. We require a fenced yard.


Casey is an approx. 6-7 year old Akita mix that needs security and kindness. She has been in foster for 3 years, and would love to find someone that understands her breed and needs. She has moderate anxiety specific to storms & fireworks - not uncommon for her breed - so she will need someone patient and willing to help her. It takes her some time to adjust and learn to trust new situations and people. She's good with other low-energy dogs, is well behaved and follows a routine very well. She's current on vetting, crate trained, housebroken and good on a leash. Please, if you have the time to devote to Casey and her special needs, consider giving her the loving home she so desperately needs.


Carol is very strong for her size. She's house & crate trained. She is a hyper little girl that is very loving. She loves going on adventures and meeting new people. Carol would love to have her very own family and forever home! 


Meet Trent - an adorable little beagle mix. Trent is approx. 5 years, and up to date on vetting and neutered. He is one of 7 litter mates that were owner surrendered to one of our rescue volunteers. All were very dehydrated and emaciated but now he's a healthy young boy. He's sad that he's the only one of the litter that hasn't been adopted, and he just can't understand why. He's a good boy and just wants a family to share his love with. Trent would love to become your family’s best friend forever.


MACY is a precious little girl looking for a family to call her own. She has 2 sets of shots and dewormed and Doc says she's all set to find her forever home. Her mom was a boxer mix but dad is unknown. She has been around dogs & kittens but hasn't had any experience with smaller children yet. She is very sweet, loving and has all the typical puppy characteristics. Foster mom says her potty training is a work in progress, so she will need some help and patience with that when she finds her home. Please consider giving this sweet girl the home she longs for and deserves. She will do her best to be the bestest friend you've ever had.


This golden boy is Rick. He is the same color as a perfectly cooked chicken nugget, which is also his favorite treat. He 4.5 years old and his love language is touch, specifically scratching. Belly to booty and snout to tail, every spot is 'the spot' when you scratch it. And you must scratch it. He shows no aggressive behavior, gets along well with all other dogs and is uninterested in cats. Housebroken, crate trained, can catch a treat mid-air with amazing accuracy, but is leash-shy. He has a mild flea allergy, so flea preventatives are really important. The bad stuff: he is the blanket czar and will steal and stockpile infinite comfort items. Anything soft and/or fluffy will become part of his nest. Warm towels from the dryer will make his heart pitter-patter. You may join him, in his nest of supreme coziness... but you must never take anything away from it. You'll be severely guilted by the saddest eyes you've ever seen.


BONDED PAIR - These are two sisters,  Lucy is the dark one and Sissy is the blonde they are always, and I mean ALWAYS together. These cuties must be adopted as a pair.  We were told they are Chi and Dachshund. They are around 8 months old.  The sweet pair are utd on shots, spayed and on heartworm/ tick prevention.  They are still working on house training.  These two love being outdoors!


DRACO is very sweet, affectionate, and a Giant Baby.  He loves to play and snuggle.  He has not been exposed to children, so the foster is not sure how he would do. 

He’s a very happy dog so he wags his tail really hard and you have to watch him with that sometimes because he could wag so hard that he actually hurts his tail and he’ll bust the tip of it open. He is just the biggest sweetheart and deserves his own home.


TASHA: is a Female, estimate to be 3-4yrs old and about 55lbs. Tasha is a beautiful dog! She appears to have been someone's house dog but after a week no one has come for her. She walks well on a leash but can get excited and pull a little when she first gets out of her kennel. She loves interacting with people and meeting new dogs. She arrived with a younger male dog and is being housed with him. The shelter gives them separate feed bowls and have not had any issues with either. She did well when tested with small and large dogs. She has too much energy for our tester cats to appreciate and stick around to meet.


Hi! I'm Finley and I'd love some attention. In fact, I'm starved for it but it's no wonder. I was left tied to a porch without food, water or shelter. My person just went away and left me tied up there for days before I was found. He didn't tell anyone to come and look after me. It was awful. I was very thin and dehydrated when they found me and took me to the shelter. I'm doing better now but still need a place to live and someone to call my own. I love people and just want to please. I walk well on a leash, get along great with other dogs and will do anything I can just to get a pet on the head. If you want a loving, loyal friend for ever and ever, please consider me. I'm here waiting for my hero.