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Few things in life are really FREE...

There are things in life that are FREE! This blog today is about gratitude! Showing gratitude is FREE! It doesn't cost the receiver a thing to show gratitude and it really goes a long way to the giver who most definitely deserves to be thanked. So, today let me say THANK YOU to the following:

* THANK YOU to the supporters who helped this website get over 200 hits since we launched about a week ago!

* THANK YOU to the supporters who have shared their hard earned dollars with the rescue and allowed our volunteers to help the homeless, abandoned dogs in the community

* THANK YOU to the fosters who enable the rescue to even exist in the community! YOUR hearts and made of gold and the love you graciously share is extremely appreciated and we are grateful you are a part of our organization!

* THANK YOU to those who have adopted from our rescue! You will always be a special part of the rescue alumni and we wish you many years and memories with your new family member

* THANK YOU to the businesses who have shown consideration to the rescue and helped us in achieving our mission

*THANK YOU to the key volunteers who keep the rescue on target for success!


Someone told me once that even bad examples are a learning opportunity. So, here's one more...

**THANK YOU to the bad examples - who led us down this path to the here and now! Yes, it does feel good to vent.

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