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Our Pet Memorial Page 

Because they never live long enough, and we can't seem to save enough of them, so this page is to remember those rescues who have impacted our lives and shared their love with us, our founders, our volunteers and our supporters.  Each of these pets have passed over the Rainbow Bridge or reverted back to their lost selves and are no longer safe in our arms. 


If you would like your rescued pet to be memorialized on this page, please send a brief email to us using the contact us page or directly to and include the following information:

1- Your full name &  those in your family who shared love for the pet (only first names will be used)

2- Your full mailing address (only your city & state will be used)

3- A photo of your pet or you and your pet

4- A short paragraph about your rescued pet and your life together

5- A donation of any amount so we can continue our rescue and pay for this web page


Simon and sister
Fanny (Sasha's pups) 

Sasha found herself in a high kill shelter and needed rescue for her and her nine pups. All the puppies became sick and required extensive measures to save them. We couldn't save two and they crossed the rainbow bridge before they even had a chance. We mourn them and have named them so they can be remembered. 

Malcolm aka Judo

Malcolm was saved from a hoarding case by a rescue in SC.  He was confined on the property, but running freely and had to be tranquilized to be rescued. He bounced between a few fosters and found his family in NH and was renamed Judo. Only 2-3 years old, Judo blossomed, but never really got over his fears and one day his fears got the best of him. He was spooked and at approx 90lbs, he managed to get away from his leash and family and ran scared. He is still at large and we are all sad for him. We thought we had saved him, but all our best efforts failed. Love you always & maybe someday we will see you again. - Veronica and family & Fosters


Jager was a wonderful dog of 12 and we will all miss him very much - especially at Thanksgiving because he always loved coming to Nana's house. :*(   We grieve with you - Bryan, Stefanie, Karsynn, Kennedy, Evans, GA and Papa & Nana, Sumter, SC. 


RIP Coop. This baby was attacked by something in the wild, a hog maybe, no one is sure.  His wounds were too much for him and he crossed the rainbow bridge after a few days of loving care with his rescuers and the best attempts from a local veterinarian to save him. Thanks for supporting rescues and the work they do.Coop couldn't be saved, but his last days were full of love and care. - Kirven Family, Sumter, SC


RIP...our little Melody crossed over the Rainbow bridge. Her life cut way too short. We took her to the vet Tuesday for checkup and vaccines...she seemed perfectly fine. Healthy eating playing.
Thursday she developed a gurgle cough. X-ray check up seem to indicate pneumonia. Given antbiotic injection sent home w more meds. Didn't help. Whatever it was took her quickly. 
This is the hard part.....just breaks everyone hearts...she was one of Athena pups saved from high kill shelter. 


It is with such sadness that we have to say Evie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  She was in the arms of her loving foster mom, Lanie. Her health had just deteriorated so quickly her last month. Dr. Gerard examined her and it was determined she was suffering and needed to be put to rest. Evie came to us from from a hoarding situation. She lived a pretty rough life, but for all the months that Lanie had her she was taken such good care of and loved. No one could have given her more tender loving care, held her, and adored her as Lanie did. We are so thankful that Evie had all the love she never had before and could ever have hoped for with Lanie and Martha. Run free Evie!!! You will be missed.

Jack was a furfriend and extended family member to Jager. He also left his family too soon. Nana and Papa and his whole family miss him very much. We grieve with you. They never live long enough. Tucker family, Sumter SC and Burke, VA. 

Please visit this page often to read the stories shared. 

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