Adoptable Darlings

We never do same day adoptions, but welcome your application.  Our saved souls only become family members to carefully screened homes.  An application can be downloaded in Microsoft Word format on this page or at the top of any page on this website.  If downloading is not working for you, a complete application is available on the Contact Us page to cut and paste into the body of an email so you can answer each question and email back to us without any downloading necessary. Please call your veterinarian ASAP and give your permission for their staff to talk to our rescue volunteers.  Your "furbaby" will thank you! 


We can only save as many as we can foster, so if you can't adopt, please consider fostering. Fosters can pay for supplies and receive a tax receipt or supplies can be provided or loaned to you. Either way, you are assisting an animal in need by providing love, structure, socialization, and a chance for a wonderful life with a caring family.  An application is available on this page to download or on the Contact Us page to cut and paste as described above. Foster applications will receive the same careful screening as described above for adopters, so please call your vet ASAP and give permission for their staff to talk to our volunteers. 

Adoption and Foster applications are found below the pictures. Please complete the application for which you are interested. Email the application to No adoptions or fostering will be considered without completed application.


Help us help them. Thank you!   


If you would like to ADOPT one of our fosters animals, fill out the adoption app below and email to Please be patient as we all work full time jobs. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are interested in being a FOSTER and helping to save a life, contact carolina helping paws rescue by messenger on facebook, call 803-850-5205, or email Please be patient as we all work full time jobs. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Gomez: 10 weeks, spunky but loves to be pet, good with other animals
Gemma: 10 weeks old, loves attention, gentle, loves toys, good with other animals
Gray: 10 weeks, energetic, very social, playful good with other animals
Gibby: 10 weeks, very athletic, loves attention, very social
Trent is approx 2 yrs old and gets along with other animals, loves attention
Carol 4 yrs old, loves meeting people, going on new adventures, crate trained
Casey -7 yrs old, she is good with animals, has anxiety, needs secured yard
Rick -4 yrs old, loves to snuggle, loves animals, some allergies
 Daryl -4 yrs old, has siezures and on meds, loves animals, playful,
Cadence: approx 2 years old, sweet, playful, good w/ cats
Jan is approx 2 yrs old, a little skittish, needs patience
Ronald: approx 6 yrs old, is a lover, ok w/dogs and kids, loves toys
Stella: loves dogs and cats, cuddling, walks. Loves women, not too fond of men
Teddy - 8 mo; smart; loves to cuddle; gets along w/dogs
Zoe: playful and good with other dogs and kittens. Should be okay around kids if introduced slowly
Macy: 3 mo old, good w'dogs and cats. Should be okay with kids if introduced slowly
BB: 14 wks: loves to play and cuddle; no small animals or children yet
Allie: playful and good with other dogs and kittens. Should be okay around kids if introduced slowly
Poncho, 10 yrs old loves toys; Jesse 4 yrs old, lap dog, sweet
Sweetie: approx 4 mo old, real lap dog, good with other animals, loves her toys
Jannie; approx 2 yrs old, nervous of new people but when she knows you she wants lots of hugs, needs to be watched when outside so she does not dig out until she knows where she lives, sweet, loves hugs
Princess: sweet, smart, crate trained, gets along with dogs
Gregory; approx 10 months, sweet, likes attention and to sit on your shoulder
Kitty - spayed, playful, gets along with animals & kids
Simon; 2 years old, loves toys, will walk on harness (once he gets it on)
Crowley; almost 2 yrs old, active, likes being pet
Rory; almost 2 yrs old; loves to sleep next to you and get pet
Basil; approx 10 months, can be sweet but not good for small kids; ok with dogs so far
John; sweet but shy. Takes time to get to know you.
Theodore; very playful; loves to be pet; 10 months old

Adopted! Congratulations! 


Please contact the rescue for more information. They all deserve loving forever homes!


As always, please complete an adoption application to be approved and a meet and greet with one or several adoptables can then be scheduled.


Thank you for adopting instead of shopping!