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Carolina Helping Paws Rescue is an all volunteer animal rescue organization serving Sumter County and nearby areas in South Carolina. We feel it is our moral responsibility to protect abused and homeless animals, and to save as many animals from terrible circumstances that we can, regardless of breed or age, and to provide appropriate medical care for each rescue. We try to save from high kill shelters when foster homes are available.  


Animals in our care are spayed and neutered, vaccinated, dewormed if needed, and treated for any medical issues identified.  Our volunteer fosters provide love, socialization, and tend to the rescued animal's needs until they are placed in their carefully screened forever home. We believe that it is of vital importance that the animal be placed in the right home with the right family. 

A secondary goal of ours is to help educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering animals to control overpopulation of strays, and advising adopters, caregivers, and the general public on the current standards of care for companion animals. 

Additionally, when we are able, we also help families with pets in our community by providing pet food to those in need, seniors on fixed income, and any other financial burdens a family may encounter to help them be able to keep their family pet(s). 


We also offer Save & Surrender Assistance Program which allows a community member to save a rescue and continue to foster it while the rescue assists with the adoption process to ensure the pet finds a forever home and does not fall into the wrong hands.   


We never do same day adoptions, but welcome your application.  Our saved souls only become family members to carefully screened homes.  An application can be downloaded in Microsoft Word format on this page or at the top of any page on this website.  If downloading is not working for you, a complete application is available on the Contact Us page to cut and paste into the body of an email so you can answer each question and email back to us without any downloading necessary. Please call your veterinarian ASAP and give your permission for their staff to talk to our rescue volunteers.  Your "furbaby" will thank you! 


We can only save as many as we can foster, so if you can't adopt, please consider fostering. Fosters can pay for supplies and receive a tax receipt or supplies can be provided or loaned to you. Either way, you are assisting an animal in need by providing love, structure, socialization, and a chance for a wonderful life with a caring family.  An application is available on this page to download or on the Contact Us page to cut and paste as described above. Foster applications will receive the same careful screening as described above for adopters, so please call your vet ASAP and give permission for their staff to talk to our volunteers. 

Adoption and Foster applications are found below the pictures. Please complete the application for which you are interested. Email the application to No adoptions or fostering will be considered without completed application.


Help us help them. Thank you!   

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